2018 Sascha Abplanalp, is elected to the governing board
2015 Thomas Strahm, Chief Engineering, is elected to the management
2014 Board members Bruno Abplanalp, Theodor Jaggi, Sascha Abplanalp & Thomas Strahm take over the shares
2013 Neue Holzbau’s 30th Anniversary – also 22 years of NH Akustik + Design AG
2013 Bruno Abplanalp, Theodor Jaggi & Sascha Abplanalp take over majority of shares
2011 Board members Bruno Abplanalp, Theodor Jaggi & Sascha Abplanalp invest in company shares
2010 Modification and modernisation of Glulam production
2010 Realisation of a new production hall
2010 Replacement of CNC facility (Speed Cut)
2010 Change in leadership: Bruno Abplanalp appointed as new director and member of the board
2007 Acquisition of second CNC facility (Speed Cut)
2007 Demolition of old carpentry hall, introduction of high-shelf storage
2007 Division of neue Holzbau AG and NH Akustik + Design AG into separate entities
2006 Building of CNC production hall and acquisition of CNC panel cutting machine
2006 Establishment of n’H Immobilien AG
2003 Opening of storage and production hall TOP 2002
2000 Birth of GSA®-Technology. Continuous advancement and standardisation
1997 Expansion of Glulam production. Certification ISO 9001 for neue Holzbau AG Lungern and n’H Akustik + Design AG, Lungern.
1992 Construction of hall 93 – joinery production
1991 Establishment of NH Akustik + Design AG as sales distribution company for acoustic products
1986 Conversion of saw mill hall to joinery production hall
1984 Division of company into business units: Glulam – timber engineering – joinery
1983 Establishment of neue Holzbau AG and integration of 55 employees from previous ‘old’ Holzbau AG